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Ven Pannasaddha - The Art of Living 07-Jan-2018 (Duration = 01:39:25  File Size = 91 MB)
Charlie Chia - Gratitute is the key to success 04-Feb-2018 (Duration = 01:24:52  File Size = 78 MB)
Dr Victor Wee - Last Days of the Buddha 04-Mar-2018 (Duration = 01:40:46  File Size = 93 MB)
The 6 Great Tresures -  Bro Tan Siang Chye 15-Apr-2018 (Duration = 02:07:48  File Size = 117 MB)
Billy Tan - Mindfull Hapiness  20-Jan-2018 (Duration = 01:54:30  File Size = 104 MB)
Zen Buddhism by Ven Chuan Wen (Duration = 01:28:17  File Size = 81 MB)